Our Nursery

Our nursery has a warm and inviting atmosphere, and our parents are comforted by their children feeling secure and happy in the home from home environment we create. We have 4 rooms for the children which are divided according to age group. All the rooms have maximums of children according to the guidelines set out by OfSTED, and also the appropriate staff to children ratio.

Babies Room (6 months – 18 months)

Our baby room holds a maximum of 12 babies aged from 6 weeks -18 months. We provide a warm, caring and nurturing environment ensuring we follow each individual child’s routine. A variety of toys are easily accessible providing different learning opportunities and sensory exploration. Daily diaries are kept to ensure all information on your baby’s day at nursery is recorded; we encourage parents to comment alongside the practitioners notes. Baby room really enjoys going for walks in our pushchairs to the local park.

Young Toddlers Room (18 months – 2 years)

In this room we can hold a maximum of 9 children aged from 18 months to 2 years. The room os bright and inviting, alongside a cosy feel due to being the smallest room of the nursery. The practitioners in this room endeavour to encourage early communication skills; especially manners and being kind to each other. Within this room circle time, enjoying songs and stories are encouraged to increase their concentration and listening skills.

Toddlers Room (2-3 years)

This room can hold a maximum of 12 children aged 2 – 3 years. This is the room that the children often begin toilet training depending on if you feel your child is ready. Toys In this room are all easily accessible to promote independence and freedom of choice. The children also enjoy taking part in craft activities, role play, dance and reading lots of stories. Within circle times, colours, shapes and numbers are encouraged.

Pre School Room (3-5 years)

This room holds a maximum of 17 children aged 3-5 years. The activities are child led through key persons including children’s interests and developmental goals onto the rooms planning. The room has a structured routine of free-play and group time to encourage pre-writing skills, phonics and recognising numbers. All activities are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. The children enjoy using the outside facilities at least twice a day. We endeavour to ensure our pre-school children are ready for their transitions into primary school.

Soft Play Area

Our new regenerated soft play room has been donated by The Deep; the children enjoy having a different experience from their base room; practitioners encourage the development of all areas. 

The Garden

The fully enclosed Garden offer opportunities to enjoy physical activities such as running, jumping, balancing and playing with ball, bicycles and hoops. It also offers nature and science experiences including a special vegetable and flower plot for older children. All activities found inside are adapted to the outside area.