Support with Fees

Rainbow Nursery accepts all Early Education Funding.

We are in receipt of Government Nursery Education Funding. This funding is offered to children from the term after their 3rd birthday and entitles the child to 3 sessions (15 hours) per week free of charge for 38 weeks.  The remaining 14 weeks (the school holidays) are payable.

Nursery Education Funding is also available for eligible 2 year olds for 15 hours per week from September 2013.

For more information about help with child care costs, please follow the links below or contact the local Family Information Service.

Family information service
Hull City Council
Brunswick House
Strand Close

Tel: 01482 318 318
Text phone: 01482 300 349

Childcare Vouchers

Your employer may provide you with childcare vouchers which can be used towards the cost of qualifying childcare. Childcare vouchers may affect the amount of tax credits you can get. The HMRC online calculator can help you decide whether – overall – you would be better off taking the vouchers or not.

Rainbow Nursery are currently registered with most recognised voucher schemes, although we are happy to register with, and accept vouchers from new schemes.