Rainbow Nursery

Our nursery provides a homely and inviting atmosphere where children can come and learn in a nurturing and caring environment. Our parents and carers are comforted in the knowledge that their children feel safe and happy whilst developing those all important secure foundations. We have four highly interactive rooms for the children which are divided according to age groups. All our rooms have a set capacity of children in accordance to the Ofsted guidelines as well as appropriate staff to child ratio to ensure your children’s care is fully supported.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which is the statutory framework for setting standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to five. Through following this it enables us as a nursery to provide the best possible care for your children. We acknowledge all children are unique and thrive on developing their personalities to ensure all children gain high level of self-esteem and self-confidence through the freedom of expression. We achieve this through providing positive relationships and having a key person approach with friendly and highly qualified practitioners. All our rooms provide enabling environments which are stimulating and inviting suitable for the children’s individual needs. The nursery has access to extensive gardens which all offer different learning opportunities such as growing and life cycles, large scale creative and problem solving areas and opportunities to develop their physical skills.

The nursery is based within a converted Victorian semi-detached house set within the idyllic conservation area of the avenues. The area boasts lots of natural beauty and wildlife with good support links to both the local community and transport links further afield, this enables all our children to learn and develop not just within our setting but also through wider opportunities which we feel is invaluable.

Our Rooms

Baby Room (6 weeks – 18 months)

Our baby room provides a nurturing and caring environment for up to 7 children. This room is one of our smaller rooms which enable us to work closely with our babies ensuring that every care is taken to support them. The room allows babies to progress through their first stages at nursery enabling all their needs to be met by providing all the necessary equipment for our little ones to play, eat and sleep in. The baby room itself offers a wide range of experiences for the children to investigate and explore freely developing them all important first milestones. We offer a very ‘hands on’ experiences through their exploration of treasure baskets, water, gloop, jelly, spaghetti play and much, much more.

Emma Sims
Emma SimsRoom Leader
Emma Spratling
Emma SpratlingPractitioner
Sophie Dye
Sophie DyePractitioner
Levi Mainprize
Levi MainprizePractitioner

Young Toddlers (18 – 30 months)

The young toddler room provides an engaging and stimulating environment for up to 9 children. The room allows children the freedom and support to grow, whilst providing a variety of challenging opportunities to extend your child’s development. Early communication  and the first stage of independence is promoted in this room through short small circle time opportunities, plus even more creative exploration through using a variety of different tools and equipment with open access to sand and water within our continuous provision.

Charlee Tomkinson
Charlee TomkinsonRoom Leader
Kelly Edmonds
Kelly EdmondsPractitioner
Emma GriffithsPractitioner

Toddlers (30 – 40 months)

The toddler room is a lively and creative room that can hold up to 17 children. The room is a large open plan room which provides a wide range of exciting and engaging activities and experiences. The room has defined areas within the environment which is focused around the areas set within the EYFS. Children have the opportunity for developing their early mathematical and literacy skills during their play opportunity and resources. Circle times and small groups are encouraged throughout the routine including discussing the weather, registration, letters and sounds, number and shapes.

Laura Fellowes
Laura FellowesPractitioner
Kiera Holmes
Kiera HolmesPractitioner
Bethany Gray
Bethany GrayPractitioner
Nicola Thompson
Nicola ThompsonPractitioner

Preschool (40 – 60 months)

The preschool room is an energetic and challenging room that can hold up to 20 children. The room is a large open plan room with an adjacent cosy sensory area for the children to relax in supporting their emotional wellbeing. The room has a well balance flexible routine of free-play and group times to encourage pre-writing skills, phonics and number recognition. These are all done through fun enjoyable activities that encourages participation in an exciting way whilst allowing children to learn at their own pace. The preschool room provides the children with the skills they need to progress onto the next chapter within their life which is transitioning to primary school. The children are encouraged to further develop their own independence and self-care skills that ensure a smooth and easy transition which builds upon their already secure foundation.

Michelle Hunt
Michelle HuntRoom Leader
Kerry Bateman
Kerry BatemanRoom Leader
Angela Taylor
Angela TaylorPractitioner
Angela Ashton
Angela AshtonPractitioner

Soft Play Area

We are very lucky to have our very own designated soft play area donated to us by The Deep. This provides us with a fantastic alternative to our outdoor environment and the children’s base room to support and develop their physical and social skills in a safe environment.

The Garden

At Rainbow Nursery we appreciate how vital the outdoors is and how it can provide children with a wide range of different learning opportunities as well as providing them with much needed fresh air and the ability to  express themselves more freely whilst gaining vital skills along the way.

We have three fully enclosed separate outdoor areas that the children can explore each offering their own individual experiences. Being situated within the conservation area of the avenues we are very lucky to have lots of natural beauty and wildlife. Within our sensory garden we grow our very own herbs and flowers for the children to touch, smell and explore as well as a bug hotel, a hedgehog house and bird feeders to entice even more different species. The children can pick their own herbs and take with them to our mud kitchen to use as ingredients for special recipes and potions. We have a large section that the children can gain vital physical skills, from using the balancing beams to riding scooter and trikes and engaging in social activities. To the rear of the nursery we have a very interactive working garden which enables the children to plant and grow their own vegetables and salad. This section also boasts large scale creative areas, construction and problem solving zones that enables the children to develop their gross motor skills further. Both front and back gardens also have access to water stations and sand, and all indoor provisions are implemented and adapted into our outdoor environment.

The Next Step

When it comes to leaving Rainbow Nursery and Preschool we endeavour to ensure your child is developed and ready for the transition to their chosen primary school. This will include being fully toilet trained, having the ability to use a knife and fork confidently, can read/write their own name, and can fully undress/dress themselves along with many other skills.

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