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Theses terms and conditions relate to Rainbow Nursery

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Fees are calculated yearly to cover the 1st January to the 31st December. The yearly calculations will include any and all discounts available i.e. Nursery Closure discounts, sibling discounts, will take into account any confirmed funded hours and planned room movements. The total yearly fees are then divided into 12 equal monthly payments.

Fees for children joining during the year will be calculated from the start date to the 31st December and apportioned over the remaining months. If your child leaves the nursery before the end of the year the yearly invoice will be recalculated.

Meals are chargeable on 3 & 4 year old. *

Siblings attending the nursery will receive a 10% discount, the discount will be applied to the elder sibling on non-funded sessions.

Rainbow Nursery is closed on all statutory bank holidays and closes for one week’s shut downover the Christmas period – these closures are charged at a rate of 50%.

We are registered with Hull City Council for 2, 3 and 4 year old Early Education Funding. (EEF)

Meals are chargeable on 3 & 4 year old funded sessions. *

Invoices will be amended and reissued as appropriate i.e. sessions changing, funding confirmed.

Any and all changes will pre-empt an invoice review and if the change(s) affect the original calculations a new invoice will be issued.

If you wish to either increase or decrease your child’s sessions with the Nursery a minimum of one month’s written notice is required.

If you wish to terminate your child’s place in the Nursery a minimum of one months’ written notice is required

Due the volume and complexity of the invoices we issue, errors can be made. We ask that parents check their invoice(s) and raise any queries as soon as possible. If an error is identified the invoice will be re-calculated immediately.

If the recalculation identifies an overcharge any overpayment will be refunded in full.

If the recalculation identifies an undercharge and thereby an outstanding account balance, this will become due immediately. We will in this instance endeavour to agree a payment plan with the parent.

Fees are payable monthly in advance. Payment is due by the 1st of the month latest.

i.e. January fees must be paid before or on the 1st January.

Unpaid fees will result in your child been refused entry to the nursery.

Payments can be made by Direct Debit, Standing Order, BACS, Cheques or Cash, we also accept a wide range of Childcare Vouchers.

If you amend your sessions with the nursery the change in payments such as Direct Debit, Standing Order, BACS or Childcare Vouchers are the parent’s responsibility.

NB: Childcare Vouchers can take 2 months to set up – until the first transaction is notified by the nursery as received your fees must be paid via another method.

Extra sessions are also payable in advance.

Fees not paid by the 5th of the month will incur an interest charge of 10%.

Overdue balances will accrue a monthly 10% interest charge until cleared.

As noted in the payment section we accept a large range of voucher companies. Companies we are registered with are: Eden – Red, Care 4, Sodexo, Fidelity, All save, Kiddi Vouchers, Perk Up, Linking Up, Kids Unlimited, P & MM, Computer Share.

The holiday year runs 1st January to 31st December

Children may be entitled to discounted holiday leave as follows:

  • Attend nursery 10 months or more for the year – 2 Weeks
  • Attend nursery between 3 and 10 months for the year – 1 Week
  • Attend Nursery less than 3 months for the year – No Entitlement

The nursery should be notified of any holidays with at least 2 weeks written notice (there are holiday forms available from the nursery)

Holiday entitlements will be refunded at a rate of 50% as long as they are taken as full weeks and the nursery has received the required notice.

Any holidays taken above the entitlement will not receive a 50% discount

It is essential that your child does not start before their booked session or run over without permission i.e. Late pick up as this can create safety issues and potential breaches in legal and insurance conditions.

If you do not collect your child before or by the end of their session an instant charge of £15 will be levied. This charge will become due immediately. If this charge is not paid before or by your child’s next session, £20 will be added to your account.

Registration forms are available from the Nursery or from our website rainbownurseryhull.co.uk

Viewings of the Nursery can be arranged by contacting the Nursery on 01482 448764.

When your registration has been accepted a non-refundable administration charge of £35 is payable. This secures your place in the nursery. If for any reason you cannot take up your child’s place we require a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice; if 4 weeks’ notice is not provided the first months fees will become payable.

Your child’s details will be entered into the computer on starting the nursery.

Illness – Parents are requested not to send their child to nursery if they are suffering from any infectious disease or if they are not feeling well enough to attend. Rainbow Nursery has a realistic attitude towards the needs of working parents but reserves the right to contact parents whose child has been taken ill during Nursery hours.

Parents should contact the Nursery as soon as possible if their child will not be attending.

Rainbow Nursery (Hull) Limited cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to children’s property (unless due to negligence of staff). Every effort will be made to ensure that children’s property are not lost or damaged, we do discourage children from bringing in toys or expensive items from home unless it is to show staff.

On starting the Nursery each family will be given a “fingerprint” to enter the premises. No child shall leave the premises with anyone other than immediate family.

If you require anyone else to pick up your child you must complete an additional authority form which must be signed and witnessed in the presence of a staff member. The Nursey will also require to see proof of ID on arrival/pickup.

Rainbow Nursery (Hull) Limited is fully insured with extensive insurance cover.

All policies and procedures must be read and noted before starting the nursery.

* Please speak to our Nursery Manager regarding meal options

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