Rainbow Preschool

In November of 2017 we expanded our preschool offering to include our sister preschool based at St Ninians Church hall on Chanterlands Avenue. This has given us the opportunity to offer a more flexible approach to childcare and enable us to offer a variety of sessions at either our Salisbury Street site or at Chanterlands Avenue.

Rainbow Preschool caters for children aged two years to five years old and offers a very well-balanced and flexible routine that caters for all our children’s needs enabling them to learn at their own pace. The setting offers a free-flow environment where the children can explore both inside and outdoors independently allowing the children much greater learning opportunities based more freely around their individual interests.

Preschool (24 – 60 months)

The preschool provides a wide range of open ended resources and the open plan layout is designed to meet all the requirements set out within the Early Years Foundation Stage. Within the continuous provision it provides extensive opportunities for the children to enjoy such as;

  • Sand and Water
  • Music and Dance
  • Art and Craft
  • ICT Equipment
  • Reading Area
  • Exploration Area
  • Role/Imaginary Play
  • Construction
  • Malleable Resources

These are just a few examples of what the preschool have to offer. The preschool children are invited to participate in small group time activities throughout the day. This will usually be more focused based around letters, sounds and phonics. They will also implement activities such as numbers and shapes along with activities based around feelings and interests etc. Registration is also completed morning and afternoon alongside looking at the weather.

When your child leaves Rainbow Preschool we endeavour to ensure your child is developed and is ready for the next big adventure of transitioning to their chosen primary school. This will include developing their self-care and independence skills and can recognise and identify their own name.

Lynsey Hughes
Lynsey HughesRoom Leader
Stella Kilvington
Stella KilvingtonPractitioner
Katie Jessop
Katie JessopPractitioner
Bethany Gray
Bethany GrayPractitioner

Free-flow Outdoor Play

We have three multi-functional outdoor areas, providing our children with the opportunity to develop their large motor skills and sensory awareness in an environment that is both safe and stimulating. Children can explore our herb garden and plant vegetables and flowers; participate in den building, climbing and developing their skills on the bikes. If they do not want to do any of these they can enjoy making their own recipes in our very own mud kitchen.

The Next Step

When it comes to leaving Rainbow Nursery and Preschool we endeavour to ensure your child is developed and ready for the transition to their chosen primary school. This will include being fully toilet trained, having the ability to use a knife and fork confidently, can read/write their own name, and can fully undress/dress themselves along with many other skills.

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